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Dry Storage
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About Us
We are on a crusade to change how you think about grains. Dry Storage is an artisan mill that celebrates chefs, bakers, brewers, distillers and farmers. We seek to forge a new connection between people and grains. Freshly milled flour is akin to produce or wine: alive, nuanced, and expressive of terroir. Like any ingredient, it’s best fresh. Through our community, our mill, our bakehouse, and our restaurants, we work to transform how grains are used and understood.

Our focus is on the finished product, and we work backward from there. We won’t grow, mill, or ship anything that won’t create a delicious baked good or elevated dish. We believe that our grains are an antidote to the modern industrialized food system. Dry Storage started as a seed trial with six local farms on 16 acres and has expanded to 160 acres in the San Luis Valley in partnership with a 4th generation family farm. Our farmers employ regenerative and organic practices which restore soil health, sequester carbon, and are better for people and the planet. By buying direct and paying a fair wage, we strengthen rural economies and encourage more farmers to transition away from commodity production. With organizations like Mad Agriculture, we are building a market for the agricultural revolution.
We believe that growing demand for heirloom grains comes from critical consumerism and innovative use by chefs, bakers, distillers, and brewers. It is this group that is creating the personal, intimate consumer experiences which are the key. We call that connection and experience the “Last Mile.”