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I Love HeartBeets
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About Us
I Love HeartBeets is a love story born from near-tragedy turned into triumph. Steve and Melissa enjoyed a healthy lifestyle filled with adventure, laughter and delicious foods. Things took a sudden turn when Steve was in a serious car accident. Melissa and his Service Dog, Onyx stayed by his side, helping however they could. During Steve's recovery, he used his time to research foods that would speed his healing; many of these ingredients we use in our products. Plant-based foods are a passion of ours and the value they have toward helping people is enormous. With Melissa's help and knowledge of nutrition, we create products that are nutrient-dense, delicious and have a low carbon footprint. But being plant-based on its own is not enough; nutritive value and flavor have to be impressive to encourage more people to make changes in their diet.

Among the primary reasons we develop our products is to give vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters a healthier alternative than what is currently offered by major manufacturers. From the love of sharing a Real Food Veggie Burger with people of all dietary preferences, I Love HeartBeets was born. The more people we reach, the greater the benefits will be. We want to benefit anyone who wants to make a real difference in our world.
Our burgers are made with locally sourced organic ingredients and come fully cooked and frozen. Our burgers are gluten-free, low in sodium and high in protein. In 2023, we won the "Best Burger" award from the "Vegan Chef Challenge" and we enjoy working with area farms and small businesses to create new ways to enjoy our products.