Jones Farms Organics
Contact: Sarah Jones
City: Hooper , CO, 81136
About Us
Jones Farms Organics is a 4th generation family owned organic potato farm located in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado. We are passionate about our nutrient dense soil and potatoes and we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our farming practices. From our family to yours since 1925...

The Joneses settled in Hooper, CO located in the San Luis Valley starting in 1914 when Great Great Grandpa Dr. Thomas Jefferson Jones decided to establish his medical practice and open up the local town pharmacy. Family lore has it he once pulled Wyatt Earp's tooth.

Dr. Jones's son Cuvier Jones began the Jones Farm in 1925. His son, Jim Jones continued the farming tradition after returning home from WWII. He focused on growing potatoes, alfalfa, and raising sheep. As farming began to gain interest in the San Luis Valley, it would soon become one of the largest potato producing regions in the nation. Today, the San Luis Valley is the 2nd leading producing region in the nation of fresh market potatoes.

Over 30 years later in 1978, Jim's son Rob returned home after college, to take the helm of Jones Farms. After many successful years of farming utilizing conventional farming techniques, he began researching and experimenting with organic methods. His degree in biology gave him the knowledge and drive to learn and implement these rarely utilized techniques.
In 2005, Jones Farms became Jones Farms Organics. The reason for the switch is simple. Producing organic products not only benefits the consumer health wise, but also has a positive effect on our soil conditions, environment, and well-being. Today's farmer struggles to combat the ever-adapting diseases and weeds that attack their crops. Farmers were forced to fight back with the use of chemicals, but in the long run began to deteriorate their soil.

Jones Farms Organics believes that farmers can effectively fend off disease by correctly managing the soil biology and balancing the soil chemistry. Although converting from conventional to organic soil is difficult and time consuming, we have found it to be effective in combatting the diseases and weeds once controlled by harmful chemicals.