Altius Farms
Contact: Sally Herbert, CEO
City: Denver, CO,
About Us

"At the corner of 25th and Lawrence in Denver, Colorado lies a glimpse into the future. The block is transformed by the verdant visages of edible greens visible through the glass panes of a second-story greenhouse. Inside, a sea of growing towers in an impeccably clean space are surrounded by natural light and dotted with various stages of growth—a spectrum of lettuces, flowers and herbs, a total of 26 varieties the day we visited.

Taking agriculture, an act almost as old as humanity itself, and coupling it with the latest technology is not something that happens overnight. It takes a visionary. In this case that hardworking visionary is Sally Herbert, an Air Force Reserve vet who served in Operation Desert Storm and aims to employ other returning vets as part of her community-minded mission—along with supplying fresh, healthy produce to area markets, restaurants and her neighbors via a community-supported agriculture (CSA) harvest subscription program. Her vehicle is Altius Farms, which has come to represent something more than delicious food; it is the possibility of bridging the gap between rural and urban, rooting a community-based, sustainable food source in the heart of a bustling city and providing access to local wholesome produce for all its constituents."
The growing towers are a hydroponic system of growing indoors. The greenhouse and system control the temperature, humidity and air flow. While Mother Nature has less impact on greenhouse growing than on outdoor farming, the facility is still 100% dependent upon natural light.