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Full Stop. Bakery
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About Us
We are Full Stop. Bakery. A woman owned, Boulder based company that is OBSESSED with
sourdough crackers. We established ourselves in 2020 and have been “crackering” with more
and more passion everyday! We are beyond excited for you to try our product and for what is
to come!!
A few words from Sadie, the owner! “We are fueled by YOU. We bake because we can see that something as simple as sourdough crackers is bringing people together and bringing people happiness…charcuterie boards, the top of mountains, solo movie nights…it’s all so fun to see! BUT I don't want people to just scarf these down for lunch or inhale them on the way to a pick-up volleyball game (even though I admit, I've done it all). I want more...I want you to FULLY STOP. When I started Full Stop., I needed exactly that. Take a look at the logo; a bike with skid marks behind it. That’s a bike coming to a full stop. So, please take every bag as my encouragement to you to slam on the brakes, make some skid marks, & eat some crackers. Ultimately, with each bag I'm begging you to make time for people and the things you value! Here's to another year of Full Stop.s! Cheers!”