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il Porcellino Salumi
Contact: Bill Miner
City: Denver, CO,
About Us
They've set out to create handcrafted artisanal charcuterie with time tested old-world processes. They believe the best products come from sustainably raised animals and premium ingredients and they’ve worked hard to build relationships with like-minded partners. This dedication has created a line of award-winning products that il porcellino salumi is proud to stand behind.
il porcellino salumi's whole animal butchery program allowed the company to showcase its charcuterie in a light they believe that Denver had never seen before. In late 2015, they started dry curing salami with locally and sustainably raised heritage breed pigs processed in-house. By the spring of 2016, il porcellino salumi was selling salami at the Boulder County Farmers Markets. And boy, did it sell!! Demand grew immensely, and so did the reputation of il porcellino salumi for making artisanal charcuterie.

The company quickly gathered Good Food Awards and Charcuterie Masters Grand Champion status in 2018 & 2020. il porcellino salumi found itself as a leader in the industry, which has become the company's standard