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Off Beet Farm
City: Boulder, CO,
About Us
Our mission here at Off Beet Farm is to be the gayest little farm in Boulder County, serving sass and veggies for the Colorado queers, straights, and everyone in between. Off Beet is run in collaboration by two friends, Emmy (she/her) and Kyle (he/him). We grow beautiful nutritious vegetables for our community and create a place where people are validated in their desire to grow food and be different! We aspire to be a place where young people can farm, make a living wage, and feel fulfilled and valued in their work.
Off Beet Farm is Certified Naturally Grown, a grassroots certification process that holds farmers accountable for using organic practices. and responsibly stewarding our land. We use minimal tillage in order to preserve the biodiversity within our soils. We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or non-organic fertilizers. We reduce our carbon footprint by keeping our food within our local community and not relying on heavy fuel-burning machinery in the field. Find our produce at Longmont Saturday Farmers Markets, Boulder Wednesday Markets, BCFM Online Market, or through our CSA!