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Rough & Ready Farm
Contact: Laura Quaranta & David Thomas
City: Longmont, CO,
About Us
Rough & Ready Farm (RRF) is a small Longmont, Colorado farm dedicated to feeding people 100% local and chemical free food. Their team has 10+ years of combined experience farming organically on the Front Range for medium or big size farms. In 2020, their team was able to secure a 10 acre lease in Boulder County to start a farm, with the idea of keeping it small. They come from a background of agricultural sciences focusing on traditional European farming practices merged with cutting edge, grassroots, open source technology. They participate in national initiatives to conserve natural resources and strengthen the local economy.
Months before planting vegetables they seed cover crops, graze animals and add compost to fertilize the fields. Pests, disease, and weeds are controlled without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Instead, they limit our production based on our acreage, prioritizing crop rotation and timely animal impact through a partnership with Sky Pilot Farm.