Outrageous Baking
Contact: Pamela Fletcher
City: Longmont, CO, 80504
Email Address:
Phone: 303-523-2872
About Us
Outrageous Baking has been hand making delicious gluten and dairy free sweet breads in Boulder, Colorado for 14 years. The company was born out of a radical need to give up gluten and dairy in order to help cure their daughter who was plagued with severe eczema as baby. Pamela began to experiment in the kitchen testing out different family recipes, trying her best to modify them to be gluten and dairy free. After a whole lot of experimenting and may ruined batches she finally perfected a gluten free version of her Aunt Kay’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Outrageous Baking’s first flavor was one that Pamela too loved as a child. and is an all time favorite of many customers, the sweet smell of cinnamon and the swirl of yummy goodness inside gave Outrageous there booming start. Pamela still lives in Boulder with her daughter who is now 15 and an active part of the company. Outrageous has grown from a small home based business to now having commercial production, but the same wholesome ingredients and their hand made products haven’t changed a bit. People always ask us “How are your breads so moist and delicious while being gluten and dairy free?” Our answer, we use top quality ingredients with no preservatives and every single bread is made with a whole lot of love, and that has been the foundation of the company since the very beginning.