Bite Me Bakery
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About Us
I am a trained pastry chef and have been in the business for what feels like a century but is closer to thirty years. Bite Me Bakery’s origin story starts with a conversation between myself and a staff member of a restaurant that I have been a regular at for several decades. It was Christmas time and every year I bake a variety of cookies including gingerbread people and sweets like fudge, peanut brittle and caramel corn. I asked my friend if anyone on staff had an allergy because I wanted to make them a goodie basket. She told me that she believed that their new manager had celiac. Challenge accepted. I went home, pulled out the iPad and
started doing research. I converted my old school recipes and purchased all gluten free ingredients and went to work. When I brought the goodie basket for the staff, I brought a separate smaller one for John, the new manager. It was my first attempt at gluten free and it was far from perfect but I have never seen anyone light up with so much joy at the sight of treats made with special consideration for them. He told me that it had been ten years since he was diagnosed and he hadn’t had baked treats in that whole time. I became a pastry chef because I wanted to spread joy and wow people with something delicious and special. His reaction created the spark and his continued support as my life partner and guinea pig fueled this dream of bringing that happiness to others.
I make everything small batch style with very close attention to local suppliers and use as much organic, high quality ingredients as possible. I am a true native Boulderite, and I believe in regenerative practices and bring in fruit and seek out suppliers that follow this model.