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Project Umami
City: Boulder, CO,
Phone: 908-838-5200
About Us
Project Umami is Boulder-based tempeh producer that brings quality plant-based protein to people who want a healthy diet that mirrors their principles. Project Umami tempeh is soy-free, gluten-free, fresh or fresh-frozen. Ingredients used are certified organic. Project Umami tempeh is an unpasteurized living food made through traditional Indonesian mycelium-fermentation methods in order to retain the true health benefits and flavor profile of tempeh.

About the Product

Tempeh is an indigenous food from Indonesia, where it has been consumed as a staple for more than 300 years. It is a significant source of protein, vitamin B12, and other healthy bioactive compounds. Tempeh is made by fermenting various nuts, grains and beans with the Rhizopus species of filamentous fungus.

Fermentation makes the food we eat super nutritious. Specifically, tempeh fermentation decreases anti-nutrient and allergen contents, and increases essential micronutrient content, for example vitamin B12 and health-promoting compounds.

The literature body on tempeh consists of evidence on the potential health benefits of tempeh on gut health, cancer, cognitive function, lung health, cardiovascular health, anemia, liver health, bone health, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, skeletal muscle recovery, and malnutrition. Most of these health benefits in tempeh are linked to the isoflavone, protein, mineral, as well as para- and probiotic contents in tempeh.
Local Sourcing

In an effort to source increasingly local ingredients, we always work on building relationships with farmers. From the inception of our operation, we have sourced Pinto Beans from Dove Creek and Millet from Sterling, CO. In the Summer of 2021 we were able to create a relationship that allows us to source Chickpeas from Black Cat Farms in Boulder and we also began sourcing Quinoa from White Mountain Farms in Mosca, CO. We continually seek out direct relationships with farmers for our legume, grain and seed ingredient needs.