Abbondanza Organic Tortillas
City: Denver, CO,
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In 1990 the MASA Seed Project’s founder, Richard Pecoraro, helped facilitate the launching of the nations first 100% organic non-hybrid seed company “Seeds of Change.” He served as co-director of seed production, harvest and post-harvest handling (seed cleaning and processing), and as a co-author of detailed crop information for 5 years until branching off to engage a new agricultural-related enterprise called Abbondanza (which means “abundance” in Italian).

Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce operated as a regional seeds and produce organization from 1996-2015. It began in Gila, New Mexico when its owner Richard Pecoraro branched off from “Seeds of Change” and opted to utilize his seed training to create an organic seed and vegetable producing system that became the rural areas #1 resource for both. They applied traditional seed breeding methods for crop improvement to create a “Community Supported Agricultural Model” unknown to most at the time. After 5 years he moved north to Boulder Colorado to expand on their concepts and continue the development of a Bio-Regional Seed Foundation for the Front Range. From 2002-2015 they practiced and excelled in the small scale production of organic seeds and produce. At their peak, they cultivated 50 acres, providing 400 CSA members with seasonal produce, while selling their locally adapted seeds and produce at the Boulder Farmers Market and new trending gourmet restaurants. Their visions and goals never changed… To provide organically grown produce from their own “Regionally Adapted” seeds!